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In Ontario, The Community Care Access Centre ( connects the family with services after discharge from the hospital and prior to being picked up by other rehabilitation institutions (such as Holland Bloorview in Toronto). The CCAC in your community will speak with you about your child's needs and develop a customized care plan for your child. Please check here for a list of services provided:

To find a private therapist in the GTA and surrounding areas,

Physical Therapy

Blue Balloon Health Services - private, four facilities across southern Ontario

Footprints - private, in home and in facility care in Toronto area

The Canadian Medek Centre - private, in-home and in-facility care in Vaughan, Ontario

Pediatric Physiotherapy Association - private, in-home care in Toronto area

Butterly Pediatric Therapy - private, facility in Mississauga

Variety Village - membership club in Scarborough, Ontario that provides physical therapy

Holland Bloorview - public, world-class facility in Toronto

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy

Infant Development Services

Alternative Therapies

Alignment Solutions

This is a recommended list of alignment solutions that you should speak with your child's PT and OT about:

  • Kinesio Tape
  • Bamboo Brace
  • Compression Outfits
  • TheraTogs

Sports for Kids with Special Needs

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